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Chiwana Village at SageCliffe in Seattle Times

Friday, July 16th, 2010

Writer Jackie Smith stopped by our Chiwana Village open house last Wednesday, and the result is a mention in the Seattle Times’ Weekend special travel section.  We enjoyed meeting Jackie and taking her through the yurts and on a tour of the entire SageCliffe property.  Thank you to Jackie & the Seattle Times.

 One blog editor’s note:  Heat & AC were mentioned in the article…the yurts do not have (or need) heat, and AC, although planned, will not be in place this first season….with fans and the open-able skydome, the yurts are comfy!

Blue SageCliffe Skies for Chiwana Village Open House

Thursday, July 15th, 2010


Fantastic!  We loved seeing all of our visitors yesterday at the Chiwana Village Open House.  Under a crystal-clear blue sky, with a slight breeze and warm sun, we formally ‘opened’ the yurts of Chiwana Village.  Although there are still some yurts under construction, those who attended were able to take a good look at the completed yurts, get the breeze in their hair zipping around on golf carts, tour the SageCliffe grounds and chat with Chiwana Managers Bob & Mary.  One of the most fun aspects of the day?  Hearing your  ideas for the “Name a Yurt” activity….you are immensely creative!  Open House attendees either chose a name from our provided suggestions, or, after touring the Village, wrote down their suggested names for the yurts.  Those names which are chosen will be painted in petroglyth form (rock-etching style) on the doors of the yurts, and the yurt-namer’s name will be on a card at the yurt entrance.  One of our favorites so far?  –Yellow-bellied Varmit.  Some others?  Open Sky, Hun Heaven (Huns are prolific birds indigenous to the area), and more.  Did you miss the Open House, but would still like to suggest a name for a yurt?  We’d love to hear your ideas….send your names to

 We already love our Chiwana Village visitors…we look forward to seeing you as guests.  See you soon in the yurts!

15 Yurts Under the Clear Blue Sky

Friday, July 2nd, 2010


 Yes…so far 15 yurts are up and looking good!  We’ve had a terrific response since we opened for reservations…thank you!  Many of you have wanted to know exactly where the yurts are l ocated on the SageCliffe property; we now have a map showing you their placement.  Just visit the Chiwana Village at SageCliffe web page:  We now begin to move in the furniture and do all those very-important finishing touches.  You can check out each of the yurts at our Open House on July 14…undoubtedly you’ll have a “favorite,” and we think that’s great! Definitely let Chiwana Village hosts Bob & Mary know; they’ll take note of it, and you can think of “your” yurt as, well…yours!