Blue SageCliffe Skies for Chiwana Village Open House


Fantastic!  We loved seeing all of our visitors yesterday at the Chiwana Village Open House.  Under a crystal-clear blue sky, with a slight breeze and warm sun, we formally ‘opened’ the yurts of Chiwana Village.  Although there are still some yurts under construction, those who attended were able to take a good look at the completed yurts, get the breeze in their hair zipping around on golf carts, tour the SageCliffe grounds and chat with Chiwana Managers Bob & Mary.  One of the most fun aspects of the day?  Hearing your  ideas for the “Name a Yurt” activity….you are immensely creative!  Open House attendees either chose a name from our provided suggestions, or, after touring the Village, wrote down their suggested names for the yurts.  Those names which are chosen will be painted in petroglyth form (rock-etching style) on the doors of the yurts, and the yurt-namer’s name will be on a card at the yurt entrance.  One of our favorites so far?  –Yellow-bellied Varmit.  Some others?  Open Sky, Hun Heaven (Huns are prolific birds indigenous to the area), and more.  Did you miss the Open House, but would still like to suggest a name for a yurt?  We’d love to hear your ideas….send your names to

 We already love our Chiwana Village visitors…we look forward to seeing you as guests.  See you soon in the yurts!

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