Chiwana Village at SageCliffe in Seattle Times

Writer Jackie Smith stopped by our Chiwana Village open house last Wednesday, and the result is a mention in the Seattle Times’ Weekend special travel section.  We enjoyed meeting Jackie and taking her through the yurts and on a tour of the entire SageCliffe property.  Thank you to Jackie & the Seattle Times.

 One blog editor’s note:  Heat & AC were mentioned in the article…the yurts do not have (or need) heat, and AC, although planned, will not be in place this first season….with fans and the open-able skydome, the yurts are comfy!

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  1. admin says:

    Since the above editor’s note was written, we have actually begun to install AC into the yurts ahead of schedule; this first season! Call Hosts Bob & Mary if you have questions about AC in Chiwana Village: 509-785-3291.

  2. admin says:

    AC update: We’re ahead of schedule, and all 25 yurts now have air-conditioning! Get ready to be cool.

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