The Best Harvest Festival Yet: Right Around the Corner

Believe it or not, this is the 7th year for our annual Cave B Estate Winery Harvest Festival.  And we truly believe that lucky #7 means this is our best harvest festival yet. 

Harvest Festival: A Luxury & Working Farm Hybrid

What started as a small Wine Club gathering at Cave B has grown year by year to our largest annual event, and one that is appropriate for every age…from babes in arms to the eldest among us.  This is a time when we pull out the stops and share everything we can about what it’s like to be a working farm and luxury resort in one…and we do so by offering our deluxe accommodations at Cave B Inn at SageCliffe and Chiwana Village right along with pumpkin carving for the kids, visits to the winery crushpad for adults and curious kids alike, tractor-driven vineyard and apple orchard tours, a tremendous gourmet lunch provided by Tendrils Vineyard Restaurant, and so much more. 

Seven Years of Cave B Harvest Festival Memories

It’s wonderful to think back on all the memories that have been created at Harvest Festival:  the squeals and smiles of the adults (and, yes, the kids  too!) during the Great Grape Stomp Competition, the lovely Cave B and SageCliffe wines introduced pre-lunch by Winemaker Freddy Arredondo, the guest authors who have chatted and mingled with the crowd, the glee of the children as they finished their All things Green treasure hunt at Harvest Festival 2009 and received their button and lollipop reward. And, again, so much more.

It brings SageCliffe Resort great pleasure to see guests having a great time.  That’s really the bottom line.  Cave B Estate Winery is host of the Harvest Festival and is the hub of the day’s activities.  But we love how guests spread themselves throughout the property….taking breaks in the action to pop into Cave B Inn, or walk along the Chef’s Garden or take a hike down into the Gorge, as well.  And then we like them to return to the Harvest Festival, so we can give everyone a fond farewell and wish all concerned safe travel home.  Or, for those who are staying the night at Cave B Inn or Chiwana Village, we continue the welcome and the great Harvest experience.

 We know lucky #7 will be our best harvest festival yet….and luck probably has very little to do with it!  Our event is so much fun because of you, the guests, and we simply can’t wait to see you (October 16th!)

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  1. We would like more details on this event. We held our first TomatoFare heirloom tomato festival at Cave B and would like to participate in this event.

  2. admin says:

    You can find all information about our winery-focused Harvest Festival on our website, at Thank you.

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