Angi’s Tip #2: Don’t Forget Your Hands

For those of you that have noticed your aging skin on the back of your hands:

Most of us remember to apply sunblock to our shoulders, noses and other areas on our body, but most people forget about the backs of their hands.  Sunblock should be applied each and every day and reapplied after activity or before going outside.  

Did you know:  Even working under florescent lights may increase the incidence of hyperpigmentation!

What The Spa can offer:   We carry a great line of sun products from Decleor which will provide ample SPF and provide that so-needed protection for our hands…can you think of a more hard-working and noticeable area?  Don’t forget those hands!

 And, for those of you who skip the sun altogether but want the sunglow, we also carry a sunless light tint face cream that gives you a healthy glow without the sun exposure. Come in and try it out!

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