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Angi’s Spa Tip #3

Friday, May 6th, 2011


Does your work week have you stressed out and in need of relaxation and tranquility?  Maybe you have stiff muscles and joints?    Practicing yoga is a great way to help with correcting issues with your posture, alleviating stress, and mitigating job stress and a demanding schedule.  Did you know:  The benefits of yoga practice include relaxation, an increase in muscle tone and increased strength and flexibility.  It can assist in restoration from strenuous work or work-outs.  It can also help with balance and coordination & help asthmatics’ with increased quality of breathe intake.  It has also been shown to be beneficial for those suffering from arthritis, joint pain, muscle aches, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety and a whole host of other health conditions.  What The Spa can offer:   We now offer Hatha/Vinyassa Yoga Classes here at Cave B Inn & Spa.  Yoga Alliance Registered Instructor Michael Dooley will be available for yoga class reservations Friday through Sunday.  Guided meditation classes are available as well…you’ll never think of breathing the same way again!  Please contact the Spa at SageCliffe to reserve your place in one of Michael Dooley’s great classes and you will be sure to be on your way to tranquility and better health….that’s our wish for you!  The Spa: 509-785-2036 Visit our Spa page on our resort website: