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The Fifth Annual Harvest Festival..fantastic!

Thursday, October 9th, 2008

hrvst_08_m.jpg hrvst_08_u2.jpg

Did you attend this year’s Harvest Festival and take some great photos?  Visit our Flickr page and upload your photos–we’d love to see them!

Is it hokey to say that our latest Annual Harvest Festival was joy-filled?  Well, we’re saying it anyway, because it seems the closest adjective for describing the event.  This was the first year we had expanded the event to three days–always a little trepidation with expansion like that–but the three days seemed to simply spred the joy over…you guessed it; three days.Wherever you looked, there were smiles…on the faces of children, singles, couples, parents, SageCliffe staff.  The sky was dramatic and tumultuous, with clouds hovering over the Columbia River in great–and at times dark and thunderous-looking–piles.  But the rain held off and at times the sun burst through, bringing the leaves of the grapevines and apple trees to fire-infused hues.  And  smiles to those faces again.  It was three days of straight up fun.  There was everything from pumpkin carving to wine seminars–all in the same place, with the kind of easy flow and mingling that takes place at the best of parties.  As one mom put it, an event that had activities for kids and wine just seemed like a must-do!  Taking part in Harvest Festival just feels so good; it evokes those feelings of wholesome activity like the lemonade stands of all of our youth, coupled with that feels-good-in-your-soul sensation which comes from learning something new–like how to make a knockout recipe that pairs well with a particular wine.  Or what it’s like up on the winery crushpad.  The scenery, of course, can’t be beat.  And the fresh air and exercise just makes you feel somehow…joyful.  Joy filled!