The Best Cave B Wines Yet: at Spring Wine Release 2011

They say it takes time for every Winemaker to hit their stride.  If that’s the case, then Cave B Estate Winery Winemaker Freddy Arredondo is walking tall these days. 

Freddy came on board over four years ago as Assistant Winemaker under then-Winemaker Rusty Figgins.  Previously he had worked at Cougar Crest Winery, and earned his stripes there and in his enology courses in Walla Walla.  As Assistant Winemaker Freddy took on increasing responsibility, but knew that his heart would truly get full rein when he had the chance to become full Winemaker.  This occurred in November of 2007.  For the next few years the wines of Cave B Estate Winery were a combination of those  begun in bottle and barrel by Rusty Figgins–with assistance from Freddy–and, slowly, those begun by Freddy.  And, slowly, as the talent and tenaciousness of Freddy Arredondo became more and more ever-present, the Cave B wines took on a character of increasing distinction. 

It’s been tremendously exciting to watch the wines evolve; to see a Winemaker pour his passion and expertise into every bottle.  His touch is everywhere; from walking the vineyards and evaluating the grapes in the over 100 acres of Cave B estate vineyards, to that first swirl and whiff, to the subtly complex finishes that linger on the tonge and back of the throat.

 Spanish varietals such as Tempranillo were planted, cultivated, brought along, and now share space with the over 17 other Cave B  and SageCliffe wines.   Critics who questioned whether a winemaker could create consistently great wines across such a wide spectrum of varietals have been won over by the results.  In this case, the breadth of Freddy’s talent is equal to the breadth of the wines.  There is no spreading thin here, with quality and nuance suffering as a result.  Instead, year after year the wines have grown and evolved and improved and matured until now, in 2011, we feel we have wines of a tremendous nature.  And we have no doubt whatsoever that this is due to our Winemaker–a true talent.  It’s a thrill and a pleasure to see our grapes into the hands of a consummate wine creator, in the truest sense. If you have enjoyed Cave B’s wines all along, thank you and get ready for the best yet.  If  you are new to Cave B, good timing; choose a bottle, a lovely companion and a beautiful spot, and then get ready for a wine experience that will truly enthrall.  They are that good….sometimes, when it’s truly deserved, it’s okay to toot your horn a bit.  Toot and salute!

Our 2011 Annual Spring Wine Release is Saturday, March 26th.  A full day with the newly-released wines of Freddy Arredondo as its centerpoint.  Come meet these wines and others who share in your love of all things good.  Visit the winery page on our website for full details. 

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