Martin Luther King is about Dreaming & Remembering: SageCliffe is the perfect Place for Both

Many of us have a day off on Monday, January 17 for the very worthy reason of remembering Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  We did not want this holiday to go by unnoted, and we truly think SageCliffe is made for thinking, dreaming, & remembering…all things certainly characterized and fostered by Martin Luther King Jr.

The Air, The Sky, The Views…The Peace at Cave B Inn at SageClifffe

It may be an unsual thing to market as part of a resort, but we do like to talk about the air at SageCliffe.  Because, as anyone who has spent time here or at the adjacent Gorge Amphitheater can tell you, the air here is sublime….it is clean.  Sometimes we are all unaware of the pollution we breathe every day until we step out into the fields of SageCliffe and take our first deep breath.  And then we smell…..sage, grape vines, rocks, dirt, sun (yes, we think it has a smell!) and that’s it.  There is just–clarity.  It’s fairly intoxicating.  And although perhaps unusual to talk about, we must, because it is such a distinctive hallmark of SageCliffe–this clean, pure, lovely air.

The SageCliffe Sky

If you visit our website you’ll see many, many photos of sky.  Because SageCliffe is Big Sky country.  Our perch here on the plateau above the mighty Columbia River provides a sense of the treetops; that feeling you could reach up and touch the immense expanse curving out and away above you.  The very largeness of the sky, and the fact it is so often tropical-water blue, creates a sense of peace and calm.  It’s uncanny, what simply gazing at a sky unencumbered by man-made creations can do for the soul.  As the eyes move up, so do your spirits.

The Views of SageCliffe

Yes, they are hallmark.  Truly phenomenal, breathtaking vistas of craggy basalt cliffs, spreading plateaus, the sudden lushness surrounding the hidden waterfall and stream, the wide curving slants of river, the long, orderly lines of grapevines and the acres of apple trees in full pink bloom.  When we say we feed the senses we are not just talking about the wonderful foods at Tendrils, or the fine wines of Cave B Estate Winery.  We are talking about the power of the nature which surrounds–and is–SageCliffe.  When we’re able to see for vast distances, we are somehow able to think and dream very, very large.  We’ve seen it time and again with guests of SageCliffe–they go away excited and energized with new ideas or the unexpected connection together of dots they may have struggled with in the past.

So although we often talk about our great present promotions and what we can offer in the way of lovely accommodations, spa services, wine and food, just as significant–if not more so–is what is at the core of SageCliffe:  it’s very nature, if you will.  Come visit us and just breathe the air, gaze at the sky and the long-vista’ed views.  Think, ponder, remember, breathe….and dream.  We can’t think of a better way to help celebrate the wonderful Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

We are open an extra night this holiday weekend, with rooms available Friday-January 14-Sunday night, January 16.  We also have a special rate just for you which you can read about here.  We hope you come and dream with us.

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