What’s a Dog Like Me Doing Now?

Snow has finally fallen here at Cave B Inn turning my home into a winter wonderland.  I spend my days frolicking through this fluffy white powder with icicles hanging from my nose.  When I finally decide to come in from the frigid cold you can find me curled up on my bed or snuggled up by the fireplace.  I definitely have more time scheduled for naps these days and find myself waking up earlier and ready to play.  But my favorite place to hide out is with all of my friends that come to visit me, just listen for a tap at the door and you’ll know it’s me.

I’ve found that playing with toys inside and sliding on the wood floors is really, really, fun. Now that I no longer blend in with the ground it’s becoming harder to sneak up on my flying friends, but I still find ways to surprise them. I’ve also noticed that as it gets colder my staff here at Cave B like to fatten me up with lots of cookies and bones, but I’m not complaining.  So if you need a new friend, come watch the snow fall here at home with me!



Head Dog:  Guest Relations

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