There are Gazillions of Gift Cards out there: Why Buy a SageCliffe Gift Card?

SageCliffe hotel and winery gift card  Why buy any gift card?  The principal benefit of a gift card is the flexibility and nice burning-a-hole-in-your-pocket feeling of having “cash” in hand.  You can hold onto that card until the time is right to purchase, and then you know you have the funds to do so.  Isn’t that the main thing with gift cards? 

So Why Buy a SageCliffe Prepaid Gift Card?

If you have visited SageCliffe–whether it was Cave B Inn, the Spa at SageCliffe, Tendrils Vineyard Restaurant, Chiwana Village or Cave B Estate Winery–you understand that this is no campground.  SageCliffe is a beautiful and premier destination resort, and its prices reflect its value to guests.  But times are tough right now, and incomes vary, and we understand that.  So, along with a constant array of packages at different price points all year long, we also offer SageCliffe Gift Cards as a way for those who have enjoyed their past stays at SageCliffe to help someone else–someone who may have never come, otherwsie–to enjoy what SageCliffe has to offer, too.  With a $100 gift card you can enjoy a wonderful meal for two at Tendrils.  Or a Spa treatment.  Or it can pay for the bulk of one of your package reservations at the Inn.  $100 can allow you to bring home a healthy assortment of fine Cave B wines.  This flexibility to use your gift card funds in whichever way, and for whatever combination of amenities, is it’s strongest draw and ultimate reason for its existence.  Everyone likes options, and to hold the reins.  Gift Cards allow you to do so.  And they allow a way for you to give the gift of SageCliffe to others in a form that is easy, convenient, no-hassle, and ultimately, very appreciated!

Why Not Just Buy a Visa Gift Card?

Credit Company Gift Cards are nice for many reasons–we all use them.  But for those among us who still hesitate a bit to give the “impersonal” present of a gift card, one very real way to make that gift card more personal is to purchase a card that relates specifically to something that person would enjoy.  If the person you have in mind (maybe it’s even you!) would like a not-far getaway with SageCliffe’s style, views and food & wine options, then a SageCliffe Gift Card is for them.  If they are Gorge concert goers, a stay at SageCliffe after a concert is a tremendous gift (you’re sparing them from the campground!)  That is why a Visa or other credit Gift Card is just not the same as a specific, travel & hotel-related gift card…because the latter shows you really thought abut the recipient–and didn’t our mothers always say it’s the thought that counts?

All the Ways you May Purchase a SageCliffe Prepaid Gift Card

We sell our SageCliffe Gift Cards in our estore, at  We also sell them by phone:  509-785-2283.  And you may also purchase the prepaid gift cards in person at the Inn front desk. 

So if you decide to take the plunge and purchase gift cards for those you care about this season, know that SageCliffe Gift Cards have an incredibly high rate of use (your friend or family member will use your gift!) and that we will take very good care of them when they do visit SageCliffe.  A win-win for both giver and receiver.

Last thing–remember:  November – December 31 we have our special SageCliffe Gift Card Rewards promotion:  When you purchase $100, $500 or $1,000 in gift cards, you receive a reward (like an immediate $20 off your $100 gift card purchase!) Because sometimes it’s nice to receive something when you give, too.

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