Do Grapevines Turn Colors in the Fall?


The answer is:  At Cave B, we hope not.  This is because grapevines only turn vibrant shades of red, yellow and orange if they are sick…if they are suffering with a virus.  So, although we’ve all seen beautiful photos of long lines of sunset-hued vines stretching into the distance in the hills of France or Tuscany, say, just know those vines may very well have been suffering underneath all their beautiful colors.  For a healthy wine grape vine, Autumn brings with it the heavy cluster of ripening grapes, a gradual drying out of grape vine leaves, and, after the first frost descends and the cold temperatures hit, ultimately a loss of the leaves altogether.    So, if you’re out for an autumn drive to look at the changing leaves, hit Snoqualmie or Stevens Pass for the vibrant splendor…but come to Cave B for the hefty, plush and lush clusters of red and white grapes, the woody, sculptural-like supporting vines, and for the delicious result of those vines…the Cave B wines. 

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