Yoga & More Weekend at Cave B Inn Coming Soon!

Come and join us for a fabulous Autumn retreat in the beautiful Columbia Gorge. Wine tasting, hiking, yoga (for all levels), delicious cuisine and a room with a view all in one weekend. Depending on the weather, we will have the yoga sessions poolside or in a large open room above the vineyard. Body Atelier Nicbfit is located in Seattle, Washington and we are excited to host this unique weekend. I am the founder of nicbfit and will be your guide. I have been involved in the yoga and wellness community since 1996. My beliefs for being healthy start with attitude, motivation and a strong desire to create a change in lifestyle. Setting realistic, specific and time sensitive goals is a great start. The most difficult challenge is the beginning. Once you start your path, find ways to reward yourself with the successes you have made. Surround yourself with people you trust, admire and respect. They will be there when you need them. Enjoy the journey-this is all for you. I hope you will join me for a weekend of fitness, food and new friends!

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~Nicole Morgan 

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