Cuvee Says…

cuvee-above-the-gorge.JPG   Hi all, Cuvee here! Sorry I haven’t had time to keep my blog up to date; I’ve been one busy pup! Weddings, meetings and events, OH MY! Yes, it’s been a busy last few months with the pool open and weddings on-property. I’ve become very popular and have made plenty of new four legged friends. John Mark has his Segway up and running so of COURSE I’m chasing him down and racing alongside him. It’s warm, it’s summer, it’s concert season and it’s almost time to release our new RED WINES! Make sure to check out the website for those dates. If you’re in the area checking out a concert make sure to swing by the restaurant (Tendrils). What a better way to start off your concert day than by filling up and mentally preparing yourself to walk through a crowd of thousands!Finally, I’d like to tell every one of you who sneak me food from the kitchen: You guys rock!  And I love Chef Shauna’s ribs…Mmmmm.

Until next time!

~Cuvee, Head Dog-Guest Relations

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