Come Get Red! Cave B’s Red Wine Release BBQ Event: July 18


Next month, Saturday July 18 is Cave B Estate Winery’s annual Red Wine Release BBQ, followed by a dinner for Wine Club Members.  The BBQ is open to the public, runs from 11-3, and is truly packed with wine country experiences.

 What is the reason for this annual event?  Twice a year the winery presents their new vintages–those that are bottled and ready for consumption–to the public.  In the spring we hold our Spring Wine Release event, where our white wines are “released,” or presented for the first time.  In July we hold our BBQ to celebrate the release of our new red wines.  This is an exciting day for the winery, and particularly our Winemaker, Freddy Arredondo, as he has the opportunity to pair his released wines with the food prepared by Chef Scriver of Tendrils, and bring this carefully-thought-out paired meal to all of you.  To be able to speak to each wine and hear your feedback there on the spot is a true pleasure.

And there’s so much more:  this year we have special guest Braiden Rex-Johnson, a well-known food and wine author and columnist, live music, an interactive cooking demo with Chef Shauna Scriver, and the first-ever Cave B Wine Rating Event, where you get to taste and rate some varietals you may not be familiar with.

July is utterly beautiful in Quincy, and the entire day has a festive air along with that ever-present sense of peacefulness and tranquility which is the hallmark of the winery’s stunning location.  Whether you’re a wine afficionado or a beginner, this is an event that will send you home with that “Ah….what a great day” feeling.  For all the info, please visit  We look very forward to celebrating with you! 

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