The Dog Speaks: Cuvee on ‘Spring’

cuvee-above-the-gorge.JPG  Spring is finally here!

My fellow canines I am very happy to report that my humans have pruned the vineyards here at home. It’s like a doggy paradise! There are sticks everywhere and I love making them my chew toys, and tossing them around. My doggy senses have definitely been tingling the last few days and they say spring is right around the corner, which means warm weather and green grass. And finally we can all enjoy the rose gardens around the Inn.

It’s starting to get sunnier and brighter here day-by-day and that means more hiking for our guests and more hiking trips for me to go on. This is good news for me, since that means after a long hard day of showing off our property I can go swimming in our pond!

Finally the birds are making their way back from the warm south and I have been chasing them like crazy; one of these days I’ll get one. Make sure to look out for me on your next stay, I’ll be the much-loved dog running around our property showing or guests where to go, and showing my fellow pups all the property hot spots.

Happy Trails,

 Cuvee, The SageCliffe Dog

I hope to see all of you on your next stay!

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