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Chiwana Village at SageCliffe Open House!

Monday, June 28th, 2010


Curious about our yurts? Want a day that feels like a mini-vacation?  Come join us on Wednesday, July 14 from 11-4 at Chiwana Village at SageCliffe.  Chiwana Hosts Bob & Mary will be on hand to answer any questions you may have, Tendrils Vineyard Restaurant provides the refreshments, Cave B Inn staff will be giving guided tours of all the SageCliffe amenities Chiwana Village guests may enjoy:  The Cave B Inn pool, Tendrils, The Spa at SageCliffe & Cave B Estate Winery.  But most of all, just enjoy walking throug and lingering in these amazing yurts!  Gaze up through the yurts’ sky domes, lounge in their comfy seating areas, enjoy the beautifiul view from the yurt patios and check out all the interior features, like the yurt private bathrooms, king-size beds and elegant earth-toned decor.  You’ll go away with that signature SageCliffe after-glow (ahhhh….), and with a real sense of what a stay in a Chiwana Village yurt would be like.  We’d love to see you!  RSVP to let Bob and Mary know you’re coming:  509-785-3291.

Chiwana Village at SageCliffe – Photos of Yurts-in-process

Monday, June 28th, 2010


The process of raising a yurt is intensely interesting…the Chiwana Village yurts join in a long history of these round dwellings….yurts have been used in a wide variety of countries and cultures for centuries, and are still used regularly in places such as Mongolia.  We can’t wait for you to try them out…stay tuned for more photos (of interiors, too!)

Is Your Footprint Light Green? Chiwana Village comes to SageCliffe

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

Yurt Sky Dome     If there is one thing that is SageCliffe, it is The Land.  Those of you who have visited Cave B Estate Winery, or Cave B Inn & Spa know that it is this place which is SageCliffe….pick up any of the above and place them somewhere else and you would not have SageCliffe as we know it.  We are here on the edge of these gorgeous cliffs, seemingly in the middle of nowhere but actually in the middle of everywhere.  Natural beauty and interest abound.  So it is the land that informs everything we do at SageCliffe:  why we chose this location, how and when and in what way we build structures and pathways, parking lots and landscaping.  It is the land that orients our windows and it is the land that allows for the quality of the Cave B wines.  It is also the land that keeps us focused:  in the hospitality, culinary and wine industries it is easy to get carried away…to ever-expand, to go in many different directions, to forget what started it all.  But at SageCliffe we have a promise to ourselves that we won’t forget that it begins and ends with the land.  This keeps us on the right track.  And there have been times we have been tempted to stray!  But, always, the gorge, the vineyards, the river and the sage bring us gently back.

 And so.  As we do expand and grow, we do so with what we hope is a lighter and lighter tread…we’d love to see our footprints fading almost as quickly as we place them upon the ground.  This is why our newest addition to SageCliffe is Chiwana Village:  a cluster of yurts nestled among the Cave B vineyards, with new and beautifully startling views from their (sustainable Douglas Fir!) windows.  Rainier Industries, based in Seattle, is the manufacturer of the yurts, which will number 25 when all are complete.  Rainier has achieved the premier certification for environmental stewardship, and that’s extremely important to us.  We like their barely-there footprint, too.

So where are the yurts?  When erected, they will be on the gentle slopes south and slightly west of the winery roundhouse; just a short vineyard-walk away from the winery, Inn and Spa.  And yet, like the cliffehouses and Cavern Rooms, they nestle and hunch and wallow and hide among the hummocks and hills and vines…they are unobtrusive, these yurts.  Just like we’re trying to be. 

For now, we are in the midst of yurt-raising; and yes–it’s as community-building and exciting as a barn-raising!  Seeing these yurts go up is engrossing, different, exciting and satisfying…this last particularly due to the fact we are not displacing to place–the land stands.  We are feeling great about Chiwana Village, and simply can’t wait for you to give them a try.  The Chiwana Village season will run from May-October, with a July opening this first season.  We’ll have all the info you need up on our website soon, so keep checking back and stay tuned.  And we’re already out there online:  you can find Chiwana Village at SageCliffe on FB, and @chiwanavillage on Twitter.  See you there!

Cave B 2008 Riesling & Viognier Get Noticed

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

Latest reviews from Wine Press NW (Sept. 09):

08Riesling: Excellent
08Sauvignon Blanc: Excellent
08Viognier: Outstanding!!
08Gewurztraminer: Excellent
08SC 100White: Recommended

 And, do you read NW Palate? Check out the review of our Cave B 2008 Riesling & Viognier in this month’s (Sept/Oct) issue of NW Palate magazine!

Harvest Festival: Right Around the Corner

Monday, September 14th, 2009


It is, amazingly, almost that time of year again:  our annual Harvest Festival (sixth annual, this year) runs October 2-4 at Cave B Estate Winery.  The big day full of all Harvest Festival activities is Saturday, October 3rd.  And the best thing?  All activities on the 3rd are free.  There is a price for the BBQ and wine tasting, but, if you live within Grant, Kittitas, Chelan or Douglas counties, kids 12 and under receive their lunch for free…not a bad deal at all!

And truly the best part of the Festival is the family-friendly nature of the event…this is the Cave B event to bring your boyfriend, your mom, your best friend and your kids.  Three guest experts are lined up:  Amy Mumma, CWU’s Wine Program Director, who will give several fantastic wine seminars, Greg Atkinson, Wine and Food author and columnist extraordinaire will do three interactive cooking demos, and a Cave B favorite, Wine Trails Northwest author Steve Roberts will be on hand to sign and sell his book.  Plus, Harvest Festival will also give us a chance to introduce our new Tendrils Chef to all of you–he will turn out a fantastic BBQ, and will also head up several cooking demos throughout the day. 

And what about for the kids? –Pumpking carving and cookie decorating, tractor-driven hayrides, apple juice-making with an old-fashioned apple press, and much more.  And, for kids and grown up kids-at-heart, there’s the ever-popular Great Grape Stomping Competition–an absolute not-to-miss!

There’s a great special on Cave B Inn rooms for the weekend, as well as a bevy of wine specials at the winery, so read about it all by visiting, then plan to come on out!  The weather has been nothing short of spectacular, the grapes and apples are rich and dark with color, the leaves are changing to their fiery hues, and we’re ready to give you a weekend of good, pure fun.  We look forward to seeing you!

Items Made from Cave B bottles in Tasting Room

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

zoom_greengoblets.jpggreenbottle.jpg As many of you know, we’ve partnered with The Green Glass Company–a leading artisan company using recycled glass–for the past 2.5 years.  We’ve sold used wine bottles from Cave B Estate Winery to GGC, and enjoyed watching them being made into truly beautiful goblets and glasses.

Now we’ve come full circle, and carry a beautiful line from The Green Glass Company in our winery tasting room–goblets, glasses, votive holders and more.  The best part?  Some of these items were created out of our very own Cave B wine bottles–we’ve been looking forward to this true sustainable circle being completed, and now it is.  Come to the tasting room and take a look, or see all of the items on our webstore.  Used wine bottles as collectable, high quality artisan glass items….that’s what we’re talking about.

Cuvee Says…

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

cuvee-above-the-gorge.JPG   Hi all, Cuvee here! Sorry I haven’t had time to keep my blog up to date; I’ve been one busy pup! Weddings, meetings and events, OH MY! Yes, it’s been a busy last few months with the pool open and weddings on-property. I’ve become very popular and have made plenty of new four legged friends. John Mark has his Segway up and running so of COURSE I’m chasing him down and racing alongside him. It’s warm, it’s summer, it’s concert season and it’s almost time to release our new RED WINES! Make sure to check out the website for those dates. If you’re in the area checking out a concert make sure to swing by the restaurant (Tendrils). What a better way to start off your concert day than by filling up and mentally preparing yourself to walk through a crowd of thousands!Finally, I’d like to tell every one of you who sneak me food from the kitchen: You guys rock!  And I love Chef Shauna’s ribs…Mmmmm.

Until next time!

~Cuvee, Head Dog-Guest Relations

June 2009 Cave B Wine Review by Winepress NW

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

Wine Press Northwest Review: Cave B Wines June 2009

Cave B 2007 Barbera – Outstanding
Cave B 2007 Chardonnay – Excellent
Cave B 2007 Tempranillo – Excellent
Cave B 2007 Sangiovese – Excellent
Cave B 2006 Cuvee – Recommended

Winemaker Freddy Arredondo’s wines are beginning to be noticed.  Head Winemaker at Cave B for only one and a half years, Freddy now has many varietals with his wonderful stamp on them….and they’re getting out there.  We are encouraged and motivated by every review, rating and award the wines receive, and are excited to provide many more wines to you that are truly memorable.  With not-as-common varietals such as tempranillo, sangiovese and barbera as well as the more standard varietals, Cave B is happy to be a small boutique winery that nonetheless is able to offer 15+ varietals–an unusually large and diverse array.  We welcome you to taste Freddy’s latest vintages, and let us know what you think!

E. WA native Cody Beebe Sings July 10 at The Cellar

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

cbeebe_solo_actionguitar_color.jpg  July 10 will be a great night.  Front man Cody Beebe, with his band The Crooks, comes to The Cellar for a show full of Americana Rock–some rock, some folk, some country…all blended together into their unique foot-stomping sound.

The Cellar seats 60 max and has fantastic acoustics, thanks to one entire wall formed from giant basalt boulders.  There is Cave B wine for sale, as well as light meals from Chef Scriver.  Lots of different seating and standing choices, and always a great experience!  Come eat at Tendrils, take a walk in the early evening air, then make your way to the tasting room for the show start at 8:30….or just come at 8:30 and settle in!  Tickets are $12 and can be purchased on our webstore or by calling 509-785-3500.  See you there!

Three Cave B Wines Win Seattle Wine Awards!

Thursday, June 4th, 2009


We’re proud to announce our Cave B wines recently awarded by Seattle Wine Awards, the most comprehensive independent Washington wine recognition program in the world.  Founded in 2006, the Seattle Wine Awards maintains the highest standards of integrity in the tasting and evaluation of Washington wines.
Our awarded wines:
Cave B Estate Winery   2008 Riesling~Gold    Cave B Estate Winery   2006 Cuvee Du Soleil~Silver                     Cave B Estate Winery   2007 Barbera~Silver        The Riesling and Barbera are available for purchase.  The 06 Cuvee will be released at our July 18 Red Wine Release BBQ.  Visit for all the details and to link to our webstore.  And if you can’t wait until July to taste all three wines?  Attend the Second Annual Grand Awards Tasting event Sunday, June 15 at Seattle’s Historic Mansion. –Taste the wines of all winning wineries and have the opportunity to visit up close with each winery’s winemaker and representatives. Tickets are available through Seattle Wine Awards’ website:
–If you attend the Grand Awards, be sure to stop by Cave B’s table and taste Cave B’s winning wines (and raise a glass with Freddy!)