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Kumquats, Black Cod and More…oh, my!

Friday, December 12th, 2008


It’s December 12:  The first day of winter is just around the corner, and we at SageCliffe are gearing up for the holiday season.  Winter menus are in the works and Tendrils is excited to dive into the local bounty. 

On the top of my list are citrus fruits: blood oranges, kumquats and Meyer lemons.  What else?  Black cod, brussel sprouts, winter squashes, celery root,  and veal shanks. 

Look for these among others on our Tendrils menus  when you come visit Cave B Inn at SageCliffe in the beautiful winter season!

~Shauna Scriver
Executive Chef, Tendrils

SageCliffe Decorates Green for the Holidays

Friday, December 12th, 2008

berries.jpg grapevine-wreath.jpg

At SageCliffe, everything begins and ends with the environment.  Late in the year 2006 our environmental sustainability efforts at Cave B Inn & Spa, Tendrils and Cave B Estate Winery were kicked up a notch.  We continue to seek more ways to bring the SageCliffe experience to guests in a responsible, sustainable manner.  Lately, this has included the holiday decorating of SageCliffe:  an endeavor both fun, and increasingly green.  

By using as many natural materials from the SageCliffe land as possible, and augmenting with reusable, recyclable or compostable decorations, we’ve created a beautiful holiday environment that is also friendly to the environment.  Dried sunflowers from the Chef’s Garden are to be found among the holiday decor, as well as cattails, lavender, curly willow, sage, tumbleweed and mustard plant from the meadow and gorge. Bundle upon bundle of grapevine cuttings from our own vineyards were twisted into wreaths, balls, swags and more.  Augmented by the purchase of dried berries, hickory sticks, cotton ribbon, paper holly, wreaths & swags, as well as tree skirts made from sustainable hemp burlap, the holidays at SageCliffe this year are naturally, sustainably beautiful.  Come on over to the steppe desert to see true green!